Salsa Nocturna Liner Notes: The Passing

I honestly couldn’t say exactly where this story came from; it surfaced like the stories in CiCi’s own inner garden of stories and unfolded before my eyes. I used to bike home from Harlem after the midnight shift and the ride took me through Queens and over the Pulaski into Green Point. Further south, you can see where gentrification has drawn jagged cultural lines through the heart of Williamsburg and Bushwick; so many lives and stories thrown together in the mix, so many complex power lines between them, colliding forms of magic and technology, the technology of magic, the magic of technology. Alladat.

And then I felt such an old slow moving character needed some speed, thus the super-scooter came into play.

This is also about initiation: it’s a vast, painful, life-changing concept that of course can’t be summarized in a short story, but the way the different characters here come to their paths speaks to the real challenges that the modern world pose to our spiritual growth.

Below is one of the promo videos we made for Salsa Nocturna that features a scene from The Passing.

Salsa Nocturna Promo #1: The Passing