Salsa Nocturna Liner Notes: Love Is A Fucking River

Of course, the title came first.

I don’t know where it came from, but when it did come I knew it had to be a story. Then came Miguel, the narrator, who’s a composite of several taxi drivers and friends of mine and probably a sprinkling of me too, like most of my characters. And I knew he had to end up at the river, and I knew he was buff and overemotional, thick in the throes of a breakup and about to learn some important shit about life and love. And I wanted Janey back in there somewhere, because I lowkey have a character crush on her, and all the pieces fell bit by bit into place as the story developed around those elements. Flesh on the skeleton of a name, a character and some general sense of direction. That’s how most stories come together, I find. It’s often just a case of tweaking them here and there so they stay focused, move and flow they way they’re supposed to and chopping off the loose ends.