Salsa Nocturna Liner Notes: Graveyard Waltz

Gordo, having lost his job at the overnight care center, ends up working at Evergreen Cemetery, naturally. The still-unwritten story that this one runs peripheral to is Janey’s adventures creating Brooklyn’s version of the Golem with the kids she works with at the nonprofit. I’ve always loved the Golem story, which involves a man-made monster saving the Jewish community of Prague and running wild in the process. It’s the root of Frankenstein and asks us difficult questions as artists and activists: What does it mean to really make change? The Golem gets to the roots, forces the difficult struggle beyond charity or politics and it’s not always pretty.

Amidst all that, Gordo’s stuck with his own whimsical thoughts about the city beyond the cemetery and an nasty cleanup job.

Below is one of the promos for Salsa Nocturna that features this story.