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Ghost Star Presents

“When The System Brings Me Trouble”

Ghost Star proudly presents our first EP, WHEN THE SYSTEM BRINGS ME TROUBLE: five songs about love, struggle, murder, spirit and rebellion. They were recorded live at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center along with a set of classic murder ballads.


1. Brooklyn Meets Queens

2. It Should Be You

3. King Infinity

4. Made From Memories

5. Murder At The Borderline Bar

Vocals & Keys: Akie Bermiss | Bass: Daniel José Older | Drums: Daisuke Fujimoto | Sax: Geoffrey “Hoffa” Wilson | Trumpet: Omar Abdul Karim

File Format: MP3 (Zip File, 42.4 MB)


Brooklyn-based soul quartet GHOST STAR mixes old blues, classic jazz, funk and alternative to create a sound that is soul uplifting, heartbreaking and hip swinging. Bassist/composer Daniel José Older draws from his experience as a science fiction writer and 911 paramedic to write edgy, poetic ballads and frontman Akie Bermiss leads the group with his blues-infused vocal and piano stylings.   As Artists In Residence at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center, Ghost Star created a live multimedia rockumentary project called City Of Love & Disaster. The performance featured shadow play, original music and choreography and archival research to explore the Manhattan race riots. Ghost Star has been supported by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Center, The Puffin Foundation and The Brooklyn Historical Society.