The Salsa Nocturna Epigraph

The first edition of Salsa Nocturna went to press before we had a chance to uh…clear all the copyright hurdles to get this in here, but the new edition has it. It’s from the song Magdalena and Krys listen to during their soiree in the props closet and the epigraph for the book.



They sing
Of memories, tragedies,

Waltzes and scattered demonologies

They sing to ward off
The sting of might have been, could have been, if only
And build a brand new language of maybe
Canyons of possibility open with each note

Every molecule a chance,
A hope or extinguished dream

Wagging tongues and gnashing teeth,
Eyes moist and sharp,
To keep the doubt at bay


They sing, the Dead
And the world cracks open
And bleeds another day



De memorias y tragedias

Valses y demonologías dispersas

Cantan para evitar

El escozor de lo que pudiera haber sido, hubiera podido ser, si sólo

Y construir un nuevo lenguaje del quizás

Cañones de posibilidad  se abren con cada nota

Cada molécula un chance

Una esperanza o sueño apagado

Lenguas meneándose y dientes rechinando

Ojos mojados y agudos

Para detener la duda

Cantan los Muertos

Y el mundo se rompe abierto

Y desangra otro día



From the song Katarsis

by Culebra

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