Salsa Nocturna Liner Notes: Tenderfoot

The inspiration for this story came one night when I was outside in the backyard I had at the time. I’d built a little shrine for Oshun on the concrete grill under some trees and I was spending some time with it.  A warm wind picked up, the leaves around me shook and shushed and I heard a high-pitched crooning beneath it all.

It wasn’t human, some animal and I couldn’t tell where it was coming from – somewhere in the trees it seemed til I ducked down and saw something moving in the darkness inside the grill. It was a mama-cat and what at first looked like strange bumps in her fur turned out to be a litter of brand new kittens, barely hours old.

The kittens became a creature much larger and more frightening but the moment of being in the middle of all that nature in the middle of the city, of being close to something wild and fierce and still so vulnerable – that stuck with me.

Tenderfoot is part murder mystery, part supernatural thriller part parable about the painful joy of letting go.


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