Salsa Nocturna Liner Notes: Tall Walkin’ Death

This might have been the most fun story to write. For one thing, it was one of those glorious pieces that flowed out pretty simply- the characters were already alive and clear in my mind and even though it was the first one I wrote with Krys and Big Cane, they took no time adjusting to the shenanigans of the rest of the crew. Plus, I’ve always wanted to write about river demons, and these ones came along with their own twisted mythology and warbly language.

Someone (can’t for the LIFE of me remember who right now) said to write a short story take two divergent elements and bring them together. Tall Walkin’ is essentially that theory put into practice.

This story to me a sort of turning point, the ragtag band of anti-council folks is solidifying and they’re falling into the joys and challenges of friendship and risk taking.

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