Salsa Nocturna Liner Notes: Red Feather & Bone

The great Sheree Renée Thomas, who wrote the introduction to this book and midwifed many of its stories into existence, invited me to join her and group of little ones to a field trip at the African Burial Ground site in the financial zone. It’s a strange place: a huge corporate rock surrounded by fancy marble slabs with Adinkras carved into them. The museum inside gives a little more feel for what happened there but the monument itself leaves you kinda bleh. And of course, the gnawing truth that the whole situation is so much deeper than a monument could ever really get at. She asked me to write a ghost story about the burial ground and by that time the whole world of Carlos and Riley and the Council was already firmly in place; Riley had done his deed and the larger narrative was unfolding clearly in my mind. It was time for the various disparate characters to begin converging…



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